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3 Days in Nha Trang, Vietnam

I was pretty excited to finally leave Hoi An and arrive in the beach resort town of Nha Trang. Walking around and sightseeing in a city is nice and all, but I was so ready to be by the sea and sand. I think it must be impossible to be bored or sulky when you’re by the ocean.

On my first day in Nha Trang I walked to one of the city’s main attractions, the Po Nagar temple. The temple was cool, and the view over the water from here was pretty nice.

Nha Trang

After that I decided to walk to Long Son pagoda and the big Buddha statue behind it. The views from the Buddha statue weren’t the most impressive, but I think it was still a worthwhile and easy excursion.

My second day in Nha Trang was actually one of the highlights of my trip so far. I took the cable car across the bay to Vinpearl Land amusement park on Hòn Tre island, where I spent the day going on fun rides and soaking up these amazing views.

If you go to Vinpearl Land, don’t miss a ride on the ferris wheel. The views are incredible, and the wheel moves super slowly so you have plenty of time to take pictures.

Honestly, most of the rides at Vinpearl Land are pretty tame compared to those at other amusement parks I’ve been to. There’s only one roller coaster, and the entire ride lasts for what felt like maybe 20 seconds. Fortunately, I’m not an adrenaline junkie and I don’t like roller coasters, so the rides at Vinpearl Land were perfect for me. They were fun without being scary or nauseating. My favourite ride was these swings:

Admission to Vinpearl Land is not cheap at 800,000VND (price includes the cable car ride there and back), but I think it’s worth it. After all, you’d pay a hell of a lot more than that to spend a day at Disneyland, and there you’d spend most of the day waiting in lines. Vinpearl Land was blissfully crowd-free, and I hardly spent any time waiting in line for a ride.

My third day in Nha Trang was a much-needed beach day — the first one of my trip so far! My hostel was only a 5-10 minute walk from the beach, so it was easy to leave all my valuables at home and head for the sand. (I never bring my phone or money to the beach when I’m by myself, so I only go swimming if there’s a beach within easy walking distance of my hostel.) The beach in Nha Trang is long, clean, and sandy. I almost never fall asleep in public, but I couldn’t help dozing off as I lay lazily on my towel in the sand. When I woke up, my eyelids were sunburned. Beach bum problems!

I wish I could tell you about the nightlife in Nha Trang, but I didn’t really get to experience it. I didn’t arrive at my hostel until 10:30PM on my first night, so I just grabbed some food, took a shower, and went to bed. I went out on my second night with some people from my hostel, but ended up leaving shortly after midnight because I just wasn’t feeling the bar we were at.

On my third night, I fully intended to go out again. I took a shower, put on a dress, and re-did my make-up. As I was performing this routine, my stomach started feeling funny. This was not a good sign, but I was determined to have a fun night out in Nha Trang, so I started drinking vodka and orange juice anyway. Pretty soon though, it became clear that I was way too sick to go out that night. I stopped drinking and just lay down in my bed. I ended up spending most of the night vomiting so violently in my dorm’s ensuite bathroom that my throat was sore and the water I drank didn’t taste right. Surprise, surprise — I was sick in Asia once again.

The next morning I felt fine, and continued to feel fine the whole time I was at the beach. In the evening though, my stomach started feeling off again. There was no puking that night, thankfully, but whatever was upsetting my stomach the previous night was definitely still there.

I left on the train the next morning feeling fine, but wishing I could have stayed longer in Nha Trang. It was so nice to be so close to the beach, and I wish I could have experienced the nightlife more.

Oh well. I’m sure there will be plenty of fun to be had in the next city I visit: Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon)!