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5 Days in Prague

My stay in Prague was cut short by two days due to the unfortunate incident involving my passport in Berlin. (See previous post). Instead of staying for a week, I stayed for five days. That was just enough time to cover everything that I really wanted to do in the city, but I definitely could have used those two extra days that I was supposed to have. (Fuck that asshole pickpocket! Ugh.)

Prague is every bit as gorgeous as you think it is. Check out this small sampling of the incredible views I saw there:

Prague, bridge


I got hopelessly lost when I tried to walk into the centre of town, but I found a swimming pool!

Prague, Charles Bridge

A view of Charles Bridge and the cathedral of Prague Castle. Oh, and yours truly!

Prague, Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge looks even better in the evening.

Prague, Petřín Lookout Tower

The incredible view from Petřín Lookout Tower

Prague, castle

The equally incredible view from Prague Castle

Is this place pretty or what?

If you want the best views in the city, head up to Prague Castle and walk along the outer walls. It’s absolutely free to walk around, and the views are killer. I could hardly tear my eyes away.

Prague, view

Prague, view

Another incredible view can be had at the top of Petřín Lookout Tower. You have to pay 150 CZK (about $9 CAD) to climb the tower though, which I think is a ridiculously high price. (Not to mention that you have to pay even more if you take the funicular up to the base of the tower instead of walking up the hill.) But there’s no denying that what you see when you get to the top is pretty breathtaking.

Prague, Petřín Lookout Tower

Prague, Petřín Lookout Tower

Prague, Petřín Lookout Tower

If you’re looking for something to do in the evening, Prague has great nightlife. I highly recommend a company called Riverside Parties. They have an amazing walking tour that costs 600 CZK (or €22) and starts at 5:30pm every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let me just say that I am not the kind of person who normally enjoys walking tours, but this one is different from any other walking tour you’ll take. Not only do you get unlimited free beer and sangria throughout the tour, but the guide, Isaac, is totally hilarious. Did I mention that the alcohol is FREE and UNLIMITED? The goal of the tour is to get you drunk and allow you to meet new people in a fun setting. For me, it accomplished those goals 100%. Oh, and the best part of the tour is that it ends with an optional bar crawl. (You have to pay an extra 200 CZK or €8 for the bar crawl.) Once again, you definitely get your money’s worth because all drinks are free at the first bar from 10:00 – 11:00. So you can easily get smashed without spending any money on alcohol. Trust me, you want to take Riverside’s tour.

Another bar crawl that I strongly recommend you take part in is called the Clock Tower Bar Crawl. It’s actually run by the same people that do Riverside Parties, so you visit the same bars on both crawls. The Clock Tower one runs seven nights a week and starts at 8:30. It costs the same as the Riverside Parties tour (600 CKZ or €22). I did both Riverside Parties (with the bar crawl) and Clock Tower, and had tons of fun on each one. (The kinds of nights you can’t tell your parents about.) If you’re travelling alone, these bar crawls are a great way to meet new people. (There’s a good chance you won’t end up sleeping in your own bed that night.)

Out of all the cities I’ve visited so far, I definitely had the most fun in Prague. Right now I’m in a little town called Český Krumlov, which is in the South Bohemia region of Czechia. It’s a beautiful town but the nightlife is almost non-existent. I’m missing the craziness of Prague! I’m heading to Salzburg in a couple days, which is not exactly a city known for its nightlife either. Oh well. As I have learned many times by now, anything can happen while travelling solo! Who knows—maybe Salzburg will turn out to be wilder than Prague. I’ll keep you posted. 😉