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Packing for 3 Months with Just a Carry-On

I’m jetting to Europe today for three months (happy dance!) and am just nearing completion of the hardest part of preparing for any trip: PACKING. Of course, it’s always a good idea to pack as lightly as possible, no matter which airline you’re flying with. (Nobody wants to lug around two 50-pound suitcases every time they change hostels.) However, packing light is pretty much a necessity when you’re flying with the airline I’m using on this trip — WOW Air.

If you’re not familiar with WOW Air, their gimmick is this: super cheap flights… as long as you bring practically nothing with you. Allow me to illustrate. My flight from Toronto to Copenhagen was only $265 CAD including taxes, which sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it is a great deal, as long as you can cram all of your stuff into a tiny bag no bigger than 42x32x25cm (17x13x10in), and weighing no more than 10kg (22lb). If you can leave your home country for three months with nothing but your purse and the clothes on your back, well then, I salute you. As for myself, I considered it worthwhile to pay an extra $63.99 CAD so that I could bring an extra carry-on bag no bigger than 56x45x25cm (22x18x10in), and weighing no more than 12 kg (26 lb). Obviously this still isn’t much, but it’s doable. Bringing a larger suitcase that would have to be checked was out of the question; it would have cost me another $89.99 CAD (even more if I were to pay at the airport). No thanks.

packing, suitcase, carry-on

Caution: Packing in Progress

So what am I bringing in my two carry-on bags? Here’s the complete list:


4 t-shirts
2 tank tops
3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of leggings
1 sweater
2 dresses (fancy-ish ones, for going out)
1 romper
1 denim jacket
1 other jacket
12 pairs of undies
10 pairs of socks
4 bras
1 pajama top
2 pairs of pajama bottoms
3 bathing suits
1 sarong
1 pair of running shoes
1 pair of shower sandals (always wear sandals when showering at hostels)
1 pair of flats
1 floppy sun hat

Everything Else

Smartphone and its charger
Another smartphone (for back-up, in case the first phone gets stolen or runs out of battery/space)
iPod Shuffle and its charger (Yeah, I’m still living in 2005, but I can’t leave home without my Shuffle)
Two credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)
Two debit cards (Royal Bank and TD Bank)
A couple of pens
Water bottle
Dental floss
Sleep mask
Menstrual pads (skip if you’re a dude)
Make-up and make-up brushes
Lip balm with SPF
A few hair ties and hair clips
Bath sponge
Hand towel (to use as a bath towel because an actual bath towel would take up too much space)
1 large scarf (to use as a beach towel because a beach towel also will not fit in a carry-on)
“Dressy” bag for going out
Combination lock
Power adapter (very important when going overseas)
Selfie stick (I always feel so self-conscious about using this in front of other people, but the awesome selfies you get out of it are 100% worth the embarrassment. Besides, you’ll see tons of other people doing the exact same thing!)
Flight, bus, and train tickets that I printed at home

In a one-litre Ziploc bag, I’m bringing travel-sized bottles of the following:

Body wash
Facial sunscreen
Facial cleanser

packing, suitcase, carry-on

Fully loaded. It’ll close, don’t worry!

There you have it! I’ll be using packing cubes to help organize my suitcase, so that all of my clothes don’t spill onto the floor every time I open it. I purchased these packing cubes from Amazon because they were the cheapest ones I could find, but I’m sure any packing cubes would do the trick as well as any other. They’re basically just pouches to put your stuff in.

packing, packing cubes

The text on these packing cubes is kind of annoying, but whatev.

Well, I guess there’s nothing left to do but head to the airport and get on the plane. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be on the other side of the Atlantic. Are you as excited as I am? (Probably not, right?)

packing, suitcase, carry-on

Off I go!